MCHC Annual Report

Client Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council Category
Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council 2010 Annual Report

After working closely with Elizabeth Leonard and the staff at MCHC on their website, their team came to us when they needed help putting together their annual report. By this time, our designers understood the company’s vision and style. From access to health care to improved delivery of assistance, MCHC offers a broad range of services to communities across Illinois.

In order to convey all that they accomplished in the last year, the staff at MCHC devoted their annual report to the theme of trust. We provided print and web versions of the report, bringing to life how the company helps those needing health care. We chose the image of a gear to represent how the team at MCHC was solid, dependable, and moved things into place to ensure customers received appropriate services. The annual report turned out to be a unique project. Considering the intended audience, we created 500 high end print editions of the report. Since these reports were particularly stunning, the staff shared them with board members and used them for marketing. In order to control costs and reach as many interested readers as possible, we created a responsive HTML5 site containing all of the essential information. Our print and web editions of the report showcased MCHC’s impressive annual achievements.