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Shales McNutt Construction Branding
Shales McNutt Construction is one of the leading construction management firms in northern Illinois. As the company gained brand recognition over the years, former customers and employees started to refer to it as SMC. John Shales, the chief operating officer, was pleased to see the firm had gained such a strong word of mouth following. Nevertheless, he noticed that the brand the firm was advertising and the brand people were hearing about from their friends and colleagues were not synonymous.

John Shales wanted to know if our team could clarify the name of the company for potential clients. As we guided stakeholders at SMC through the branding process, we not only united the various names for the firm, we also created a logo and identity system that reflected the firm’s reputation for meeting the diverse construction needs of institutional, governmental and commercial organizations. We designed a logo that clearly identifies the firm with the letters SMC. The image of a hammer inside the C associates the brand with construction. With a new logo and clear identity, SMC put together advertisements, letterhead, and business cards reflecting the firm’s impressive reputation. During the branding process, John Shales came to respect our work. So when he wanted to name, brand, and launch a new company, we played a central role in shaping the identity of BluePoint Alert Solutions