Who We Are

We are a close-knit team of creative and technology strategists who partner with a variety of clients on hundreds of projects.

Guiding Principles

We have five principles that shape the way we operate. They are what we strive for and how we measure success.

  1. Glorify God
  2. Create Quality
  3. Bless Others
  4. Learn Continually
  5. Live Fully

Our Story

Paper Tower was born out of friends pursuing their love of design and technology together. Our founding partners, Brenden and Brock, kicked off their collaboration at Judson University. Straight out of high school, Brenden had met a few potential clients and picked up some freelance design work. Fond of staying up all night making video games, Brock admired Brenden’s work ethic, his knack with clients, and his elegant logos. As soon as graduation rolled around, Brock persuaded Brenden they should go into business together. Since opening Paper Tower’s doors in 2005, Brock and Brenden have been blessed with great clients, diverse work, and the opportunity to invite friends to join the team. Whether developing apps or discussing comic books or designing websites or playing mini ping pong, our team holds onto the same generous spirit and high standards present at our founding.

Brenden Jones

Co-Founder & Partner

Brenden loves his wife and daughters and neighbors. He works with clients, handles e-commerce technology, provides creative direction, guides branding, and co-founded Paper Tower. Although he started out in design, he takes care of most of our management and communication work. He keeps clients and team members on the same page. Plus he makes sure everybody stays on task. After hours, he is a runner, cyclist, and general lover of the outdoors.

Jason Adams

Partner & Lead Developer

Jason is a husband, traveler, developer, and WordPress core contributor. He leads on all development projects, taking on the heavier work with a determination to make sure everything "just works". He started developing when he was eleven out of pure curiosity about how the Internet worked. During his down time, he serves around the world with his best friend (wife), and gets in some rock climbing where he can.

Aaron Wood


Aaron is a designer, illustrator, animator, and gamer. He is at once calm, thoughtful, and particular. An enthusiastic maker of visuals, we respect his skill with details. He picks up moves from diverse figures such as Isaac Asimov, Jonathan Blow, and Charles and Ray Eames. When he's not immersed in a Project for Paper Tower, you can find him reading vintage sci-fi, making dagwood sandwiches, brewing tea, tinkering with the hi-fi, or spending time with his wife and daughter.

Joel Brown


Joel is a designer and developer with years of experience in branding, print, package design and web. He has a deep appreciation for thought provoking art, well communicated design, meaningful concepts and resolute function. When his work tools are set down, he paddles out in his canoe, pushes off on his longboard, hits the slopes, or picks the guitar.

Theo Manton


Theo is an all around great guy from New Jersey that you should greet if you meet him in the street, or a WordCamp. He brings broad experience to the team and keeps us smiling. He heads up our support due to his love of taking care of people.

Nick Raleigh


Nick is a talented front-end developer. He's our unicorn as he knows how to build things but also has an extraordinary eye for design and detail. Meticulous and curious in nature, Nick is always learning, growing, and making our websites pixel perfect.