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An easy to use content management system for a multi-campus church designed to empower dozens of staff members to keep the website fresh and relevant.


After a series of meetings with key stakeholders we pinpointed the following areas where the site must succeed.

  • Empower each department at each campus to maintain their section of the website. Getting the staff to buy in is critical.
  • Keep the website clean and simple and make sure users to find what they are looking for without too many clicks.
  • Design a fresh new look to match new Woodside brand.


We designed and developed a website that is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. The design is clean, beautiful, and cohesive with the new Woodside brand.

Currently, there are multiple departments at more than a dozen campuses each updating their own portion of the website with events, stories, service opportunities and more! Each month, we continue to provide ongoing support, management & training.

After launch, engagement with the website increased dramatically with a 48% increase in page views.

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