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A new site helps position Milhouse as industry thought leaders while attracting talent by showcasing their breadth of work, many competencies and standout corporate culture.


Milhouse is an engineering firm headquartered in Chicago, IL. They reached out to Paper Tower during a season of massive growth and expansion to re-think an outdated web presence that neither fit their needs nor represented who they were growing into.


  • Display the talent within Milhouse and give SME’s a platform and a voice to impact their industry and community
  • Empower the Milhouse team to make frequent updates to website content
  • Make it easy to get in touch with the right person
  • Attract new talent by showing off the company culture
  • Create a custom design that reflects the scale, forward thinking, community focus, and international reach of Milhouse today


The new Milhouse site is built on a customized WordPress CMS. WordPress made it quick and easy for multiple users to add and update content on the Milhouse site. Through the addition of downloadable white papers, the SME’s at Milhouse were given an avenue to showcase their thinking and promote Milhouse as a trusted voice within their industry. We also developed a contact system that made it dead simple to get in touch with key members of the Milhouse team.

Working at Milhouse means being part of an engaging environment with many opportunities to connect, learn and have fun. The new site features a Culture section that highlights celebrations, monthly socials, internal presentations, and community involvement—giving prospects a window into day to day life at Milhouse. All of this is presented in a light, modern design, that adapts responsively no matter what device it is viewed on.

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