Client PullBuoy Category

PullBuoy’s products come alive in a responsive site that makes browsing fun and easy.


Since the 70’s, PullBuoy has been an innovator in physical education products. Historically, they have sold goods via catalog. While this was successful for a long time, print comes with many limitations. PullBuoy needed a new, more flexible way to show off their products for dealers and other potential buyers and showcase their offerings in more dynamic ways, including video.


  • Display multiple large product images
  • Make video easily accessible
  • Account for painless maintenance and updates
  • Show potential buyers where they can buy PullBuoy products


PullBuoy’s new site is all about showcasing their products. The navigation provides links to each of their product categories, making it it easy to find exactly the kind of product you are looking for. Product pages feature a large image gallery front and center with product video’s embedded directly in the gallery. Video’s can also be accessed directly from product category archives for even easier access. Bold CTA’s highlight supplemental product materials for download. The site runs on a custom WordPress CMS for easy updating. The visuals are light and vivid, with big bold text and playful curves that match the products they showcase. This responsive design adapts to any device size. Our Managed Website Services make sure the site is fast, secure, and backed up.

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