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As technology advanced and design changed, International Contractors Inc. realized their current website was hard to use, hard to update, unable to represent the high quality of their work, and out of date. International Contractors is an award winning construction firm in the Chicago area that recognizes the importance of clear communication. The director of marketing saw the urgent need to address these problems and reached out to Paper Tower. As we listened to the stakeholders explain their frustrations with the current site, we found several key areas where we could make the site easier to use, save time for employees, and reach a wider audience.
When International Contractors first came to Paper Tower, they relied on Flash Player to display content. With improved mobile technology, this created problems for clients such as LegoLand, Sam’s Club, Benedictine University, and Planet Hollywood that needed to access the site in all sorts of situations. We developed the new site using modern development tools (Javascript and HTML5). These changes allowed clients and employees to navigate with ease on mobile devices.

Along with increasing access to the site, our relationship with stakeholders helped us see opportunities to improve the firm’s overall image. As a family business with a good reputation in the Chicago area, we shifted the focus of the website from what the firm offers to their celebrated work, their voices, and their ideas. Since founding the company thirty years ago, International Contractors has completed many impressive commercial structures. On the new site, we display large images of these structures. Not only does it look better, we made it easier to use with a contact form that integrates with their existing customer Relations Management software. As well as staff blog post and beautiful images, we made a website with a clean look and responsive design. International Contractors is thrilled with our work on the site and wants us to update several pages with video testimonials.

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The team at Paper Tower are creative, easy to work with and problem-solvers.


Throughout the process, we found PT to be very responsive; they understand the needs of a general contractor’s website; and they put significant effort into ensuring each of the site’s features (webcams, bid calendar, contact fields in SugarCRM) were compatible with our existing systems.