Schuler’s Restaurant

Client BluFish Consulting for Schuler's Restuarant Category
For more than a century, the Schuler family has been welcoming guests to their restaurant in Marshall, Michigan. Although word of mouth has provided their restaurant with loyal customers across numerous generations, they needed an improved website to capture the unique dining experience and to share it with a wider audience. Our designers, in partnership with BluFish Consulting, responded to this need with a website that draws potential customers into the restaurant’s unique experience through large images of its renowned food, rooms, and events. BluFish’s digital team directed the site plan, page structure, on page optimization, and the creative plan for the website. Adopting the same vision, our team was able to lead the design and development of the project.

Guests expect something special from the Schuler experience. Attempting to convey that same level of excellence with the website, we featured images and descriptions of food, photos of several notable rooms, and a wide array of examples of catering and event services. Not only does the initial encounter with the site catch the attention of visitors, we provided opportunities to keep customers engaged through email, social media, and event updates.

On top of engaging customers, the new website uses communication, design, and technological improvements to generate new leads. Our responsive design, in fact, blended a nostalgic look with an up to date set of features to position Schuler’s as historic and innovative. This unique design attracts leads who want to find a place to host their birthday, family reunion, party, or other get together. For everyday visitors, the website enables customers to make gift card purchases and reservations online. All in all, the site helped both inquirers and employees, improved design and efficiency, and brought Schuler’s historic experience into the age of online technology.